Tax Still a challenge

The budget year, which is the last year of the Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II), will end in the coming week. In this five year plan the country targeted many achievements of economic and social improvements. The tax collection of the economic spectrum is one of the areas that the government expected to […]

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Gov’t will no more tolerate violence: PM Abiy

The government says the instability following the assassination of a prominent singer is a political theater that forces the government to take action than dialogue and diplomacy, which it preferred in the past. Following the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa, the country mainly Oromia, Harari, Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa City Administrations saw fatal violence for […]

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1:10 birr per piece

Sheger Bakery announced that it will start supplying bread as of today Sunday July 5, with a price of 1.10 birr per bread to the public. Abinet Gebremeskel, CEO of the project management office and general manager of MIDROC Construction Ethiopia, Jemal Ahmed MIDROC Investment Group CEO, and Head of Addis Ababa Trade and Industry […]

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Massive Protest Drains Food Supply

Road closures at entrances to the capital to counteract last week’s riots have had the additional effect of driving food prices higher. The price of cabbage and potatoes have approximately doubled, and other products such as large water jugs and milk have mostly disappeared from store shelves, report HAGOS GEBREAMLAK & MUHABA OUMER, FORTUNE STAFF WRITERS.

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Golden Rule, Antidote to Our Instincts for Violence

It is heartbreaking to witness the distressing developments within the Ethiopian state. Human lives are being cheapened by the day, with communitarian responsibilities being disregarded and a whole nation allowed to live under an atmosphere of fear and anxiety. The past week’s tragic death of the young artist Hachalu Hundessa is yet another terrifying example […]

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Hard to Install Change When Value System Harbours Misconduct

There is only one thing we can do as a society to rid ourselves of corruption – join the fight to combat it ourselves. This does not mean vigilantism but rather the harder and more complex task of bringing about attitudinal change. That is where the emphasis should be and no law or form of […]

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What Internet Shutdowns Say About the State

Wholesale internet shutdowns are a remnant of a relationship of fear that a government has with its people. When the internet is more properly treated as a utility, the government is demonstrating its respect for the people by leaving it on during a crisis, writes Clay Webster (, who studied energy and environmental policy at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and has written about energy, commodity and financial markets for The Motley Fool, Platts and US News & World Report.

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